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Kennebec Savings Bank encourages our customers to save, and plan for the future. The Bank offers a variety of traditional and systematic ways to save, designed to meet the different needs of all of our customers.

Statement Savings Accounts

Statement Savings Accounts are a more flexible way to save. With this account, you receive a monthly statement detailing your account activity for the month, including interest earned on the account. Statement savings accounts offer a low $10 minimum opening requirement and average balance requirement, unlimited customer deposit or withdrawal transactions* and no regular service fees.

Statement savings account customers can also utilize the Bank's automatic funds transfer service, and may have direct deposit of government, pension or payroll checks.

*Transfers from a regular or high yield savings account(s) to another account or to third parties by preauthorized, automatic, or telephone transfer are limited to six per month with no transfers by check, debit card or similar order to third parties.

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Club Accounts

Club Accounts provide you with a systematic way to save for a special purchase or event (such as a new home, taxes, a vacation or holiday shopping). With a maturity date that you designate, this account provides a great incentive to save systematically without the temptation to use the funds for other purposes.

A Kennebec Savings Bank Club Account can be opened for as little as $1; then you decide how much to deposit and when. Interest is credited to the account on the maturity date you designate. There are no limits on deposit transactions to a club; however, withdrawals before the maturity will result in the loss of all accrued interest.

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