We recognize that a checking account is central to your banking needs, and we've made sure our checking accounts are as easy and convenient as possible. 

A checking account is a necessity today, and Kennebec Savings Bank's personal checking account offers many great customer benefits; in fact, we think they are the best deal in town.

Kennebec Savings Bank's interest-bearing checking accounts require an opening minimum deposit of $100 and earn interest as long as the average daily balance in the account is over $750. Interest is compounded daily and credited to the account monthly.

There is no monthly service fee!

Interest-bearing checking accounts also allow you to conduct transactions outside of the Bank, with the Bank's Debit MasterCard. This gives you 24 hour access to your account free of charge (withdrawal limit through an ATM is a maximum of $500 per day) at any of Kennebec Savings Bank's ATMs. This card is accepted at any ATM nationwide and any place that accepts MasterCard debit cards. All Debit MasterCard transactions are free of charge, no matter where you use your card. (Note: Other banks may impose their own ATM surcharges which you may be assessed for transactions at non-Kennebec Savings Bank ATMs.) This card has a purchase limit of $1,500.00 a day.

The monthly account statement you receive will provide you with all the information you need to reconcile your account. The detailed statement includes all automatic or Debit MasterCard transactions, a record of interest earned and all checks paid (listed in numerical order, so you do not even have to sort through your canceled checks!).